Not that we are biased in any way but we do like it when our favourite number makes the headlines. And it just so happens that this time its been talked about for creative reasons too – even better!

In a bid to re-boost their Brand, unite their sub-channels and assert its presence with viewers, network powerhouse and household name Channel 4 has decided to rebrand with a series of idents.

Channel 4 has always been a unique and alternative broadcaster that’s liked to challenge the status quo, and now with the TV landscape becoming even more overpopulated its never been more important for brands like them to stand out, shout louder than ever before and showcase their personality, or in Channel 4’s case, personalities.

According to Alice Tonge, Head of 4Creative “The creative challenge of the rebrand was maintaining each channel’s personality while uniting them under one clear network identity.”

She went onto to describe the importance of a channels ident, “I’ve always thought an ident is a chance, not just to remind people what channel you’re watching by flashing up a logo, but to tell people why they’re watching. This is really to entertain them, and not in a predictable way.”

The rebrand challenge was certainly not an easy task to undertake. However, the 4Creative team has struck gold again with the rebrand project (including the idents) winning 3 D&AD Pencils including a Yellow in Graphic Design.

The Channel 4 corporate logo has now evolved from the multi-coloured 3D design to the timeless 2D Lambie-Nairn design. The new logos will all incorporate the iconic 4 more prominently, to emphasise they are all part of the big Channel 4 family.

It’s great to see the power of 4 working its magic for other brands. It’s such a awesome number – lets not forget it’s the number of seasons in the year, suits in a deck and perhaps most importantly it’s the number of Ninja Turtles. The number 4 is a massive part of our heritage and definitely our future.