We are in a celebratory mood at SEMA4 as we mark our 10th Anniversary of being a member of the IPA. Here are 10 reasons why we love the IPA and why we are so proud to be part of it:

  1. It’s been paving the way and inspiring our industry for over 100 years!
  2. Members have to be proven leaders in their fields of expertise.
  3. We must demonstrate high levels of professional competence in the eyes of our peers, clients and suppliers.
  4. As members we are committed to developing our staff talent through examined qualifications, craft skills training courses and the Continuous Professional Development standard.
  5. We get access to news, data, statistics and research all of which can be deployed for the benefit of our clients.
  6. The IPA’s committees and groups provide us with the ideal platform to give us a voice.
  7. Seminars and conferences keep us abreast of the latest industry developments.
  8. It has an exclusive members list of just 300 agencies! Which makes us a VIP!
  9. The Headquarters are based near Kensington – a perfect excuse to go shopping.
  10. We get a shiny new certificate every year which gives us a pat on back and that all important feel good factor,