Sandwiched between boomers and millennials, Gen X has become something of a forgotten generation for marketers. These kids, the last of whom are turning 40 this year, are now in the spotlight thanks to a clever and quirky new campaign by Spotify.

Created by Who Wot Why, billboards and posters across London and Manchester, feature word plays on popular lyrics and tracks. From London Calling, to Conference Calling, Smashing Pumpkins to Smashing Avocados, the “Listen Like You Used To” campaign reminds passers-by that while their lives may change, there’s always their favourite songs to come back to.

Sean Thompson, one of Who Wot Why’s founders and creative strategic partners. Had this to say “What we love about Spotify is they totally get the art of great, punchy copywriting with a strong and provocative subject. The headlines leap off of the billboards and smack you right between the eyeballs,”

Well we love it, and its great to see that  sometimes it’s the most simple of approaches that wins out!