Ah, Britain. Where else would you find the likes of Barber Streisand, Bonny Tiler, Floral and Hardy and He-Van? Companies are always looking for a way to stand out from the crowd as they battle for customers and it seems like in Britain we are pulling out all the stops.

Growing in popularity, more and more businesses are opting for a more “Punny” brand name. Proving that not everything in Branding needs to be serious, here is are run down of the top funny (or brilliantly awful) Puns out there.

Lino Richie

Hello, is it me your looking for? Based in Dublin Lino Richie is one of Irelands leading flooring companies for over the last 30 years!


Alan Cartridge

A Leeds printer company has caught the attention of Twitter with its cheeky name. In the words of the great man himself, A-ha!


Barber Streisand

Barber Streisand are an offbeat unisex barbershop who offer an ‘invigorating alternative’ to the norm they like to do things their way.


Spandau Valet

Yes, it’s True! From the far West of Cornwall, Spandau Valet believe in ‘releasing the inner and outer beauty of your vehicle ’– from cars to boats to caravans.



Movers of the universe, He-Van are a fun team with high standards, who offer removals, storage, and packing services to customers in the Brighton and Hove area.


Jason Donervan

Last but certainly not least in this run down of Punny Businesses is own very own legendary and iconic Bristol contender Jason Donervan. Operating for over 20 years he has acted as a beacon of hope for thousands of people in need of some greasy sustenance after a night out