At SEMA4 we love a good browse of what brands in this glorious industry are up to and there are a couple of campaigns that have recently caught our eye. So, you know how we like to share…

The growing market for ethical goods is no secret. With an opportunity of €966 billion* it’s not surprising that so many companies are highlighting their social and environmental credentials in an effort to claim their piece of pie. Two big names, VW and Coca-Cola, have recently launched campaigns that nod to negativity of the past and turn it into a positive ethical message.

In 2015 the VW emissions scandal kicked off some turbulent times for the car maker and last month they revealed the cost had been an eye-watering £25bn. VW is now ready to use this negativity as a springboard to reconnect with their customers and communicate their environmental credentials. The ads, for the VW ID Buzz, cleverly repurpose the iconic Lemon ad of 1959 and bring a refreshing openness and credibility to the campaign.
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Last year it was revealed that Coca-Cola waste was discovered in 40 of the 42 countries surveyed in a recent Greenpeace audit. The company has pledged to make all of its packaging recyclable by 2025, but also, as the worlds 5th most powerful brand, Coca-Cola can help us play our part too. The campaign takes Coca-Cola’s distinctive ribbon design and uses it to indicate to people where they can recycle as well as communicating its own commitment to the cause.

By linking their messaging to actions that come from the heart of the company, both VW and Coca-Cola have given their messaging an authenticity that can be hard come by. Two brilliant examples of the value in ‘brand truth’.

*Source: Unilever survey, 2017