New take on seemingly immortal UX

Great design doesn’t have to be about creating entirely from scratch, indeed elements of inspiration from existing UX and design continually feed improvements in the way we interact with our world.

Our studio team is not easily impressed but this particular reimagining of something ubiquitous since before the Athenian republic had them making appreciative noises like the nerds they are. And to be fair to them, Aerodynamic Umbrellas by Senz do seem to have created a brolly that ‘improves the user experience of the rain escapement platform mechanic’*.

Fun Umbrella Facts!

In Britain, apparently umbrellas were sometimes referred to as “gamps” after the character Mrs Gamp in the Charles Dickens novel Martin Chuzzlewit. Mrs Gamp’s character was well known for carrying an umbrella.

In the latter half of the nineteenth century in America, umbrellas were sometimes delightfully referred to as ‘Bumbershoots’

The Aztecs used the umbrella in the same way we now use flags.

National Umbrella day is held annually on the 10th of February.

*Marketing waffle for ‘stops you getting as wet’.