Adland facing some lifestyle reappraisal

Debates, statistics, the death of the expert opinion and internecine politics aside, the vote to Leave the EU is going to have some interesting, far reaching and unexpected affects on the marketing and advertising industry.

Exposure for any agency will to an extent be dependent on the industries of the clients on their roster – and manufacturing aside, agencies with foreign-based clients may actually receive a boost from the drop in sterling and associated procurement. Certainly the Pound’s recent woes make the UK service sector more attractive in the short term against the Euro using European competitors.

More than anything else at this point post referendum and pre article 50 invocation however, the main issue is the spectre of ‘uncertainty’ – a term as vague as the ability to identify and hedge against the potential issues that the industry might be facing as a result.

How to deal with this threat that might be an opportunity then? Its all very ‘red under the bed’ – definite fears that haven’t yet manifested on our doorsteps. The main and oldest tenets of client relationships apply. Do great work, keep your eye on the details – and don’t be afraid to show the love.