This month showers have been mixed in with sunny afternoons working from the garden (and the pub garden…). The team have been reunited in person for the first time in months and we’re ready and waiting for a busy summer season. So let’s see what we’ve been up to during May.

What we're reading

European SuperLeague Autopsy

The Drum takes on a marketing autopsy of the European SuperLeague launch. Labelled a ‘PR own goal’ take a look at whether the league ever had any hope of success.

Download The Drum’s report here

Marketers Optimism for 2021

We’re feeling optimistic, AdAge is feeling optimistic and ultimately, consumers are feeling optimistic. This is just one of the top 3 reasons why things are looking up for marketers this year.

Read AdAge’s article here

How Linked Is Changing it’s Global Marketing Strategy.

LinkedIn’s global marketing strategy is at a turning point all thanks to video ad sequencing. Turning their traditional strategy around, find out what LinkedIn have learnt about a channel-first approach.

Read Think With Google’s article here

What we're loving

M&S take on Aldi over cake

We’re sure you’ve not missed the Colin-Cuthbert coverage of M&S suing Aldi for their caterpillar cake look-a-like this month and the social media action has been keeping up right alongside the legal content – it’s almost like the modern day version of the classic BMW-Audi billboard wars… just with sophisticated tech platforms and a lot more consumers joining the conversation. If you don’t already follow them, Aldi’s social media team is one to watch.

Tesco tell us to shop elsewhere 

Tesco have hit us with the local, community message this month and we think it’s great – for pubs and for Tesco. Whilst encouraging consumers to support their newly reopened pubs, they’ve also seen a significant amount of PR coverage in light of the gesture. A simple ad, prominent media placements, a great sentiment and what we expect is a great return on their ad spend.

What we're watching

The Oscars 2021

The Oscar Buzz is back and with a handful of proper film buffs amongst us, the latest pictures have a tendency to dominate our morning conversations. Not all of us are big movie fans but some titles have certainly got our attention.

Our ‘expert’ recommendations and one-sentence summaries are:
– The Father: painfully brilliant.
– Nomadland: WOW.
– The Sound of Metal: Absolutely deserving of all of it’s accolades.

What we're working on

Mckenzie Intelligence is a geospatial data and imagery analysis intelligence company. As their business scaled up and gained more traction, they decided it was time for a rebrand.

They approached us to develop a new brand identity. The objective was to position the company as a grown up and professional business and help them stand out in the market-place and generate new business.

As part of the wider rebrand, we designed and built a new website to better reflect the development of the business and sophistication of the products and services.

What we're looking back on

36 Days of Type

36 Days of Type is a project inviting artists, illustrators and graphic designers to interpret each of the letters and numbers of the alphabet and express them in their own individual style. Last year, the Sema4 Team took on the project but extended it to the whole team, not just the ‘creatives’ amongst us. At Sema4 we believe that we are all ‘creatives’ in some capacity or another. Not all of us ‘visual’ creatives or designers but we loved bringing everyone together to contribute to our 36 Days.

As the project kicked off again this month we’ve been looking back on our entries from last year.

All the best,The Sema4 Team