We live in a different world of data from when the last data protection directive was introduced in 1995. Big changes are coming into effect on 25 May this year.

General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR – is changing the way organisations process and handle data, with the aim of strengthening data protection and giving control of personal data back to individuals. Organisations must prove that consent has been given by an individual, and show where the data’s going, what it’s being used for and how it’s being protected. Fail to do this and it could lead to significant fines.

But these new laws can offer real opportunities too, when businesses get data protection right and demonstrate how they respect the privacy of individuals.

We’ve worked on online campaigns for Hilton and Orange Business Services in the past few months, as they prepare for GDPR. As well as articulating the new regulations coming in, we’ve focused on how ‘opting in’ can re-engage customers with brands, as long as the process is quick and the benefits of staying in touch are clear.

If you want to opt in to a discussion about how your business communicates GDPR and encourages customers to stay connected, just drop a line to jamesknight@sema4.co.uk