Well, Autumn sure landed with quite the thud this month, didn’t it? Here’s our monthly round up of bits and bobs from October:

What we're reading

TV was never really dead but if there were hints that it might be, the volume has been turned up on TV Ad reach this year.

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Brand marketers from Hershey’s and T-Mobile share their insights on a data-driven approach to advertising in 2020.

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We’re all a little tired of the ‘C’ word but this ongoing tracker of how other marketers are responding to Covid-19 is worth a browse.

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What we're loving

thank you Australia’s ‘no small plan’ campaign is inviting consumers to join their fight and major FMGC players to change an outdated system.
Watch the campaign video here

Riverford Organic Farmers
We spend a lot of time working on activational campaigns and really enjoyed receiving this little piece through the letter box this month…. a lovely lesson in building brand value with a non-tactical, tactical campaign (if there is such a thing).

What we're watching

The Social Dilema
Well that was terrifying (although not wholly suprising).

David Attenborough, A life on our planet.
A true national hero and no one can deny it.

The Great British Bake Off
As you can see, we have some very keen bakers here at S4!

What we're working on

Hilton Geneva Hotel and Conference Centre

This month Hilton opened their first hotel in Geneva and the largest hotel in the country and we at Sema4 were lucky enough to work alongside their fantastic team on the launch campaign. Tasked with driving awareness of the new hotel opening we took to prominent Out Of Home placements including the city’s tram network as well as core airport platforms.

Creating a series of videos to drive home the key offerings of Hilton’s newest hotel we worked to reach a wider audience through social media and their owned platforms.

What we're thinking

Conscious consumption is on the rise and that means brands have even more to prove when it comes to their purpose and efforts towards sustainability. Take a look at the brands that we think are leading the charge on sustainability in our Hot Topic: Brand Sustainability Blog.

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What we're looking back on

Fright Night 2019

A spooky day spent with one of our clients at Thorpe Park’s Fright Night. Thrills and fear all round for the team that day!

Annual Pumpkin Carving Competition

And of course we can’t omit the annual pumpkin carving competition. A virtual edition will be held this year…. do you really think we’d miss it? The question is can Pip retain her title?

What we're celebrating

CPD plays a big part of the team’s day to day here at SEMA4 and this month we’re celebrating Liv’s Distinction in the IPA Advanced Certificate course. 7 months and 5 modules later – well done, Liv!

With Halloween almost out of the way we’re battening down the hatches and we’re (reluctantly) ready for the inevitable onslaught of festive hype and cheer. We hope you’re prepared too…

All the best,The Sema4 Team