With the UK’s exit of the European Union fast approaching, we are undoubtedly in uncertain times. For many, Brexit represents an identity crisis for the country as a whole, but what impact does this have on the world of branding? With UK consumers placed into two polarised groups, ‘leavers’ and ‘remainers’, some brands are looking to address these issues head on.

Some brands position themselves firmly in one camp. HSBC’s controversial “We are not an island” campaign celebrates Britain’s internationalism by highlighting its global influences. It has come under fire by some as “anti-Brexit propaganda”.

However, some brands look to bridge the gap, British Airways latest star-studded campaign “Made in Britain”, explores the sentiments of what typically British values makes the country great. Brands who use their British heritage as a key selling point will have to consider how any changing viewpoints of the UK could have an impact on how they are perceived in market and overseas. Here, BA are choosing to focus on what unites us in times of uncertainty rather than divides us.

Although both BA and HSBC are keen to distance themselves from their campaigns being associated Brexit directly, they undeniably tap into the cultural zeitgeist. Whether this is to position themselves as a brand that represents the consumer’s values or to unite and reassure in times of instability, campaigns are responding to the current national atmosphere.

No matter what the approach they have taken, an increasingly number of brands have given a nod to Brexit in their latest campaigns. In this uncertain environment, brands need to be reflective of the current social and political climate, and providing a distinct identity is key to winning consumer’s trust in turbulent times.