New year, same us! We might be a little more isolated and a little more distanced than usual, but the Sema4 Team are still smiling and looking forward to an exciting and slightly more adventurous 2021 - we like to be optimistic! Here's a look at how the year has started for us.

What we're reading

The media is increasingly reporting on the climate crisis and sustainable consumption, but we’re now looking one step further into the carbon footprint of the journalism we all consume. What does is cost the planet for us to read online about how our consumption costs the planet? Well, there’s something to get your head around.

Read The Drum’s article here

Amazon has found it’s way into most of our homes in some form or another. Now it’s turning to brands to harness their own voice through Amazon’s AI assistant technology, Alexa. Another day, another avenue for Amazon’s worldwide empire!

Read Adweek’s article here

We’ve all experienced the defeat of a fantastic creative concept being whittled back down to the same, safe campaign message. Mark Ritson suggests that taking a big creative risk is in actual fact, not that risky at all.  So, maybe it’s time to pluck up the courage and go big or go home.

Read Marketing Week’s article here

What we're loving

BrewDog’s planet friendly giveaway

This month, BrewDog launched the world’s only carbon negative lager. And to celebrate they gave away free beer (almost)! Not only did those quick enough to act get their place in line for a 4 pack of Lost Lager for the cost of postage (£1.95) but BrewDog have committed to planting a tree in their forest for every pack claimed. A great campaign with major reach and something in it for everyone…if you got in line quick enough.

It’s not crazy. It’s the Navy.

Singapore’s new navy recruitment ad looks to drive consideration for joining the navy by taking the idea that ‘it’s crazy to join the navy’ (especially for women) and saying the exact opposite. The ad highlights the commitment, drive and discipline that it takes to be a part of the navy whilst also not shying away from the realities of the world and why it’s Navy is as important as ever. The ad is motivating, dynamic and most importantly, inspiring whilst planting itself firmly in 21st century equality.

What we're watching

Quorn – Help the planet one bite at a time

Instead of TV this month, we’re looking at another ad. The latest Quorn ad, whilst highlighting some slightly cringe worthy stereotypes, does illustrate just how much established brands are working to reposition themselves in line with consumer behaviour and conversation.

We’ve harped on about it enough ourselves, but the chat around sustainable living and the environment is thriving. What was probably considered a fairly undesirable product by the mainstream, meat-eating consumer and has historically solely targeted vegetarians/vegans, is now pushing to become a champion for sustainable consumption, one bite at a time.

We expect to see more brands rejuvenating their positioning and messaging in line with consumer mentality and trends. Watch this space…

What we're working on

Orange Business Services – Thought Leadership Report 

Following the start of the 2020 pandemic, it became clear just how much businesses rely on their global supply chains but not only that, it showed us just how fragile they are. Orange Business Services conducted research into the resilience of supply chains and look to how we can protect them in future.

For us, this meant we had the pleasure of not only learning about the research but designing and creating a digital format report that shares and highlights all the key findings. Delivered in two languages, a further four will follow later this quarter.

What we're thinking

Should hospitality brands invest in advertising during Covid?

The IPA have spotlighted some of the best essays from their MIPA qualifying courses and qualifications. Here, our own Liv Cox looks at the challenges facing a multinational hotel brand as a part of the IPA Advanced Certificate in Communications Planning. Liv’s essay earned a distinction as a part of the IPA Advanced Certificate in Communications Planning.

Read Liv’s essay here

What we're looking back on

This time last year, we received our IPA Certificate celebrating 12 years of membership. We’re super proud of our commitment to the IPA, everything we continue to learn and the investment we make in our team as part of our everyday CPD.

It’s no mean feat to maintain IPA membership but we’ll continue to smash it and look forward to receiving our 13th annual certificate in the post very soon.

What we're looking forward to

Well, at this stage nobody is too sure what 2021 will bring but as a team we’re looking forward to:

  • More great projects
  • More in-person client meetings and days out
  • Pub lunches that last a smidge longer than they should (mostly, all afternoon)
  • Lots more travel
  • Lots more parties
  • An epic charity challenge
  • And a whole heap of good health and laughs.

That’s not too much to ask, is it?

All the best,The Sema4 Team