Mondelez has faced a wave of criticism form consumers and chocolate fans for “messing” with much-loved Cadbury’s products recently.

They have complained about Dairy Milk bars being given rounded edges, bars shrinking, the axing of Cadbury chocolate coins (my Christmas ruined then), Bournville chocolate disappearing from the Heroes tub, sultanas in Fruit & Nut bars.

But perhaps the biggest controversy surrounded the 2015 decision to replace Dairy Milk in its recipe for Cadbury’s Creme Eggs with cheaper chocolate (what the WHAT! now).

Most recently the makers of Toblerone have faced a mountain of fury after making a controversial change to its distinctive triangular chocolate chunks.

The manufacturer has increased the gap between the peaks as a UK-only cost-saving measure to reduce the weight of its bars.

It was a decision between changing the shape of the bar, or raising the price they said. So guess what, the shape changed.

With this in mind and for just a bit of fun, we thought ‘mmmmmm’ what would a KitKat bar and a pack of maltesers look like if we applied the Toblerone principle.

No chocolate bars were harmed in the preparation of this article and we must point out that these are only the views of our crazy nuts creative director.