So, December is finally here and for some of you this means jumping for joy whilst you don sparkly antlers and festive knitwear. But for others it signifies the awakening of your inner Grinch and the beginning of an endurance test rather than a popular festive holiday.

Nowadays it seems like the sound waves are filled with Christmas Cringe as soon as the last November firework has Popped. Some of the classics are always welcome as they conjure feelings of nostalgia…but, and this is a very big but, just like an X factor Finalist, they have a very short shelf life. Once you’ve heard ‘It’s the most Wonderful Time of year’ for the 100th time, its safe to say you cannot see anything remotely wonderful about standing in endless queues, consuming a mountain of soggy sprouts and putting up with Great Auntie Brenda and other random relatives as they take over your house.

So, if all you really want for Christmas is to NEVER EVER hear that song again then look no further. Sema4 is here to help you. Our office Elves have been busy compiling an alternative Xmas Playlist that might just save your soul this season.

Check out our Spotify playlist >